Find out how Orbera can help you achieve weight loss without the need for invasive surgery.

Invasive surgery comes with numerous risks to your health as well as a lengthy recovery period. You must take time away from work or school and face days or weeks of discomfort that make your normal daily routine difficult or even impossible.

When you want to take advantage of the latest weight loss technology without putting yourself through a surgical procedure, you may be a good candidate for a gastric balloon process known as Orbera.

  • Orbera may help you lose weight as you learn new dietary and lifestyle approaches
  • It does not involve the invasiveness and discomfort that comes with going through gastric bypass surgery
What is Orbera?

Orbera is a gastric balloon that is endoscopically inserted into your stomach. Once it is in your stomach, it is filled with saline solution until it is the size of a grapefruit. It remains in place for six months, taking up space in your stomach and causing you to eat less and lose weight.

This procedure is low-risk and fast. It takes around 20 minutes to complete and can be done while you are under a light sedation. Once the procedure is finished, you will spend a few hours resting the recovery room. Most patients are discharged and allowed to go home the same day as the procedure.

Orbera also lacks the variety of health risks and complications often found with more invasive weight loss operations. Because no incision is made, you do not have to worry about bleeding or stitches coming loose. You also stand a lower risk of infection because the balloon is filled with saline solution, which is safe for your body to absorb in case the balloon leaks or bursts.

orbera-weight-loss-surgery-institute-2Second, you do not have to be put under general anesthesia before undergoing the Orbera procedure. You will be lightly sedated so that you remain calm and quiet while the endoscopic process is underway. Once you are fully awake and stabilized, you could be discharged and sent home.

Finally, Orbera does not require the surgical alteration of any part of your body or your internal organs. When you go through gastric bypass surgery, your stomach is stapled into two separate sections. Your small intestine is also bypassed and connected to your stomach.

With Orbera, your stomach and intestines are left intact and in their natural places. The balloon takes up room in your stomach, which prompts you to eat less before you feel full. As you eat less, you lose weight. In fact, most patients who undergo Orbera lose the most weight during the six months that the balloon is in their stomachs.

After six months, the balloon is removed. By that time, your stomach will have gotten used to digesting smaller meals. You can continue to eat smaller portions to maintain your weight loss long-term.

The Benefits of Orbera

orbera-weight-loss-surgery-institute-3Orbera is a low risk procedure that is safe to carry out on most obese patients. People who normally would not qualify for gastric bypass may qualify for the Orbera treatment.

One of the main benefits that patients enjoy with Orbera involves its lack of incisions or stitches. Your doctor does not have to cut into your stomach to insert the balloon. Instead, it is inserted with an endoscope.

Patients also like that they do not have to change bandages, watch for oozing or bleeding, or worry about infection after Orbera. The balloon safely stays in your stomach and does not interfere with your other biological functions.

Finally, you can get back to your normal routine in a matter of days if not hours after you go through the Orbera process. When you undergo gastric bypass surgery, you have a longer recovery in the hospital or surgical center. You then must take it easy at home until you regain your strength and can move around without pain or discomfort.

With Orbera, you should be back to your regular routine the next day. You do not have to take days or weeks off from work or school. You can focus on your daily commitments while starting your weight loss journey without having to rest, take pain medications, or remembering to take antibiotics on time each day.

Surgery always carries with it the minimal risk of complications. Gastric bypass surgery is no different with its risk of bleeding, infection, pain, and more. When you want to lose weight without having to go through a lengthy operation, you may consider the Orbera gastric balloon treatment. This treatment helps you lose weight safely and effectively, although results do vary.