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How to Properly Count Calories

When you're trying to lose weight, one of the best ways to do so is by counting calories. If you eat a healthy diet and count calories every day, you should be able to lose a substantial amount of excess weight in next to no time. While it might seem as though counting calories is easy, there are some mistakes that are very easy to make, which can impede your...


5 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

It's often a combination of personal reasons and health concerns that convinces someone carrying around excess pounds to opt for surgery when other efforts fail. IHere are five specific things you can do before you have your procedure to increase your odds of enjoying the results that matter most to you. 1. Educate Yourself Take some time to learn more about your procedure. Books and websites are good starting places, but...


Drinking Alcoholic Beverages After Weight Loss Surgery

It's often not realistic to expect most weight loss surgery patients to never have another alcoholic beverage again post-op. In fact, most people who've had some type of bariatric procedure are able to responsibly enjoy "adult" beverages in social situations that may include weddings, holiday gatherings, and work-related engagements. The key word here is "responsible," meaning there are some important things that should be kept in mind when it...


Here’s How You Can Prepare For Weight Loss Surgery

When you have struggled with weight loss for many years, both you and your doctor may have decided to put the option of bariatric surgery on the table. Once your doctor clears you physically for the surgery, there will be other ways in which you need to get prepared for it. Below are some tips to take into consideration to help you prepare for weight loss surgery. Research The more...


How to Deal with Mood Changes After Weight Loss Surgery

Following weight loss surgery, it's not uncommon to find yourself dealing with a flood of emotions. Part of the reason for this is biological. Losing a significant amount of weight and changing how the body absorbs nutrients from food can affect hormone levels. It's also psychological. You may find yourself anxious about your progress, or you may wonder how your relationship with a significant other might change. All of these...


4 Tips for Maintaining Your Focus Before & After Weight Loss Surgery

Overcoming lifelong struggles with weight following surgery can have many positive life-changing results. For some people, this means long-term remission from type 2 diabetes and relief from chronic joint pain. Other patients may benefit from increased energy and improved fertility. Yet the weight loss surgery experience sometimes contributes to added anxiety and stress that can make it difficult to properly heal and recover. Use the following tips as a guide...


Are You a Candidate for Lap-Band?

Obesity causes health conditions that can cause lifelong impairments and suffering. Rather than live the rest of your life being morbidly obese, you might be ready to undergo a procedure that could help you shed pounds and fat. You can take this first step toward a healthier lifestyle by learning what lap band surgery is and whether or not you are a good candidate for it. What is Lap-Band Surgery? Lap-band...