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Easy Ways to Cut Sugar from Your Diet - Weight Loss Surgery Institute

Easy Ways to Cut Sugar from Your Diet

Reducing the amount of sugar in our diet is important to maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle and reducing or preventing conditions such as pre-diabetes or diabetes. Sugars are found in our favorite drinks such as sodas, desserts, and candies. These products provide us with empty calories and result in weight gain and excessive glucose blood sugar spikes. There are easy practices we can follow to reduce the amount of sugar in our...

Motivate Yourself to Continue Weight Loss - Weight Loss Surgery Institute

Motivate Yourself to Continue Weight Loss

Losing weight consistently ranks as one of the most commonly made and broken resolutions. What's more, there's research from numerous sources showing many people fail to stick to their diets or achieve their weight loss goals. If this is what you are currently dealing with, you can turn things around by motivating yourself to continue with your weight loss efforts. Here's how. Know Why You Want to Lose Weight Have you taken...


Myths of Detox Tea & Weight Loss

A lot of people use detox regimens as a fast way to lose weight, alleviate fatigue, and "clean out" their bodies. The tea detox is a popular method of doing this. When doing a tea detox, individuals consume several cups of a special detox tea daily for a few days. However, there are many untrue myths believed by adherents to this practice. Myth #1. Your body needs to to be regularly...


What Weight Loss Does for Your Body

More than 150 million Americans are either overweight or obese. Yet losing even a small amount of weight can contribute to many positive health-related benefits. But before you start setting goals based on how much weight you wish to lose, take a moment to learn more about what shedding unwanted pounds could do for your body. Reduced Diabetes Risk Carrying around extra pounds increases your risk of developing diabetes, a chronic...


How to Properly Count Calories

When you're trying to lose weight, one of the best ways to do so is by counting calories. If you eat a healthy diet and count calories every day, you should be able to lose a substantial amount of excess weight in next to no time. While it might seem as though counting calories is easy, there are some mistakes that are very easy to make, which can impede your...


5 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

It's often a combination of personal reasons and health concerns that convinces someone carrying around excess pounds to opt for surgery when other efforts fail. IHere are five specific things you can do before you have your procedure to increase your odds of enjoying the results that matter most to you. 1. Educate Yourself Take some time to learn more about your procedure. Books and websites are good starting places, but...


Drinking Alcoholic Beverages After Weight Loss Surgery

It's often not realistic to expect most weight loss surgery patients to never have another alcoholic beverage again post-op. In fact, most people who've had some type of bariatric procedure are able to responsibly enjoy "adult" beverages in social situations that may include weddings, holiday gatherings, and work-related engagements. The key word here is "responsible," meaning there are some important things that should be kept in mind when it...