Weight Loss Surgery Benefits


When you’re ready to change your life, you can experience these weight loss surgery benefits.

When a patient has tried to diet, exercise, or take medication to promote weight loss and these actions have not been effective, weight loss surgery may be an option. There are many benefits to weight loss surgery.

  • Understanding these benefits can help you to decide if a surgical procedure would be a good choice for your journey to a healthier life
  • Your doctor will give you realistic expectations ahead of your surgery


Improved Overall Health *

Losing weight as a result of weight loss surgery often leads to improved overall health. The weight loss may help to get blood pressure back to a healthy level. Markers for inflammation may also decrease back to normal. Those who had high cholesterol or pre-diabetes may find that their blood lipids and blood sugar levels stay within a normal range.

Reduction in Associated Disorders *

After weight loss surgery, many people experience a reduction in their symptoms of problems associated with obesity. For people with diabetes, this may mean a reduction in the amount of insulin they need. In people with arthritis, this may mean less joint pain and inflammation. Once a person’s weight returns to a healthy level, the symptoms of health conditions associated with obesity might even completely disappear.

Better Quality of Life *

Being obese affects every aspect of a person’s life. The extra weight can make it hard to take a flight to go on a vacation or visit friends and family. Obesity can also make it difficult to spend a day walking around at a zoo or playing with children or grandchildren. After weight loss surgery, many people find that they can return to their favorite activities.

Enhanced Mood and Self-Confidence *

Depression and low self-confidence are mood disorders directly related to obesity. Associated problems such as difficulty with finding clothes that fit or being ridiculed by others can lead to sadness and loneliness. After losing weight through the help of weight loss surgery, many people find that they feel happier in general and better about themselves. They have a restored sense of self-confidence about their healthier bodies.

Lower Risk of Mortality *

Obesity is associated with premature death. Losing the weight may lower a person’s risk of dying early. Being able to live a full and healthy life are excellent reasons to consider weight loss surgery as part of a comprehensive plan to lose weight.

I saw results fairly quickly after the surgery. Within the first month I was down 30 lbs. The surgery has changed my life for the better for so many reasons. *

- Ashley

Dr. Naim made me feel very comfortable and motivated. I would definitely do the procedure again, in a heartbeat. *

- Lavina

This is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Without a doubt, I would do it all over again. *

- Nikesha

"After seeing my results, I would definitely come back and do it again. I don’t know what took me so long!" *

- Donna