Weight Loss Clinic


Our weight loss clinic helps patients to develop healthy lifestyles.

When dieting and exercise have not helped you to lose your excess weight, a visit to a weight loss clinic could be the solution that you need. Weight loss clinics have experienced and trained professionals who specialize in helping obese people to lose their excess weight, make healthy living choices and to feel better about themselves.

  • If you have never visited a weight loss clinic before, you might not be sure of what to expect during your first and subsequent visits
  • Our tips will help you to understand how the weight loss clinic works and how it can help you to transform your life
Medical Evaluations

During your first visit to the weight loss clinic, you will have a complete medical evaluation. This is done in order to determine if you would be a candidate for a weight loss surgery. The nurses and physicians will measure your weight and height in order to calculate your body mass index (BMI). The BMI calculation is used in determining whether or not you qualify for one of the weight loss surgeries. You will also have your body composition analyzed. This is done to determine your percentage of body fat. Your medical evaluation will also include a questionnaire about your medical history, the types of diets that you have tried for weight loss, your physical activity level and what other medical conditions you have that could be affected by obesity, such as acid reflux or asthma.

Tests and Procedures

weight-loss-clinic-weight-loss-surgery-institute-2The health care team at the weight loss clinic will also do some tests and procedures during your visit. Some of the tests that you might need include a blood test to measure your cholesterol, iron and vitamin levels. You may have an electrocardiogram or an ultrasound of your heart. Your lungs may be checked through a chest X-ray or a simple breathing test to check your lung capacity. Some of the other tests and procedures that may be done in advance of a weight loss surgery include an ultrasound of your digestive organs, checking your blood sugar and blood pressure.

Consulting With the Physician

The next step in the process of losing weight with an obesity surgery is having a consultation with the physician. The doctor will go over all of your test results with you and explain what your results mean. The physician will explain whether or not you are a candidate for a weight loss surgery. If you are a candidate for one of the procedures, you and the doctor will talk about the different types of surgeries. Most weight loss surgeries are designed to restrict the number of calories and the amount of food that you can consume at a meal. Some of the surgeries also reduce the number of calories and the number of nutrients that your body is able to extract from the food that you eat. Once you and your doctor have chosen a weight loss surgery, you will be given guidelines on how to prepare yourself for the procedure. Some weight loss surgeries require that you start to make some lifestyle changes in order to make sure that you get the best possible results. Your doctor may ask you to return for consultations once per month or at another schedule until your surgery takes place. You would also have several follow-up visits with the physician after a weight loss surgery.

Care Team Services

weight-loss-clinic-weight-loss-surgery-institute-3The weight loss clinic also has a team of professionals who will help you with your care. You will meet with a nutritionist to learn how to make healthy food choices. It is important to start making these changes before your surgery so that you are set up for success after the surgery. You will also be given guidance about portion sizes. After a weight loss surgery, your stomach will not hold as much food as it did before. You will have to eat smaller and more nutritious meals so that your body gets what it needs in order to be healthy. The nutritionist can help you to make meal plans and give you ideas on how to prepare healthy foods so that they taste good to you. Another part of the services that you will receive at the weight loss clinic is counseling. A weight loss surgery will be a big change in your life. The counselor will help you to prepare for the changes in your body. The counselor will also help you to feel comfortable with your body as it changes.