Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery


Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

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Weight loss surgeries change how a person digests food and how many nutrients that a body can absorb. Exercise is an important factor in healing from the surgery to help lose weight and keep it off. It is important to check with the surgeon first, but a person should be able to start walking for 20 to 30 minutes per day as soon as the patient gets home. However, divide it into three 10 minute sessions.


A routine should be established that focuses on flexibility, endurance, and strength. To develop endurance, set a goal. Each time the goal is met increase it by 10 percent. Walking is an excellent exercise to start. After many goals have been set and met, the walking will become easier. The next step is to change the rigor of the activity. A suggestion may be to march or step instead of just walking. A person may want to invest in a bicycle or swim daily to increase endurance, also.


A variety of exercises can be completed to increase flexibility. Stretching each day is an excellent way to start. A person should stretch until it burns but stop when it begins to hurt. Hold each stretch for at least ten seconds. It is also important not to bounce and to breathe deeply. Yoga is an excellent exercise for flexibility. Yoga classes are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. It is best to start with the beginner class and graduate to the intermediate and advanced levels. Another benefit of yoga is that it builds strength.


Once a patient has increased endurance and flexibility, he or she should begin working on strength. Strength is essential to maintain the muscles and to avoid injuries. Weight lifting is an excellent way to increase strength. Use lighter weights in the beginning. As strength increases continue exercising with heavier weights. Exercise balls can also be used to build strength. The exercise ball must be a correct fit to a person’s body to be effective. Any other resistance exercise will also help improve strength.