Best Sleeve Surgeon in Los Angeles


Some people battling symptoms of obesity may want to consider a gastric sleeve.

This surgical option offers the patient the chance to feel full on less food and lose weight over time. If exercise and diet haven’t produced desired results, an individual may see a surgeon regarding a sleeve. The appointment will be devoted to a thorough exam as well as a health history review to determine if the procedure is a good fit for the specific circumstances involved. If the surgeon feels the patient is a candidate for the sleeve, then both parties can go over questions, expectations, and potential benefits, including a lower risk for heart disease and improve blood cholesterol or blood pressure.


Before Surgery

In preparation for the day the procedure is to take place, the patient should stop smoking and make arrangements for recovery. The surgeon can go over how long one might miss work and if certain activities, such as heavy lifting, need to be avoided. One or two nights’ stay at the hospital might be necessary as well and should be anticipated.

What’s the Objective?

During surgery, the best sleeve surgeon in Los Angeles will focus on removing a portion of the stomach, including the part that produces an appetite hormone. Typically performed laparoscopically, the sleeve results in a smaller space for food to fill. This leads to being satiated sooner. Surgery should take less than two hours with the best sleeve surgeon in Los Angeles involved.


Follow-Up Care

After the procedure, clear liquids are recommended. Soft, pureed foods are necessary for approximately four weeks. Since the stomach is significantly smaller than it was prior to surgery, the patient needs to ease into eating while adapting new practices, such as avoiding drinking during meals.

Medical Guidance and Support

A gastric sleeve surgeon will want each patient to understand the individual roles each person plays in achieving weight loss and health goals. Exercise and diet remain important factors in reaching a healthy weight. Since meal size and overall food consumption are meant to be decreased, the addition of vitamins and minerals may be recommended for their nutritional support. This procedure is considered a permanent solution but still requires each person to show dedication to improved wellness. People should also be prepared to continue being under the medical supervision of the best sleeve surgeon in Los Angeles as their bodies heal and adjust to the banana-shaped stomachs, feelings of fatigue, or general care after a procedure.

Someone who has been diagnosed as obese, suffers from weight-related disorders, and cannot accomplish changes through diet may be a good candidate for a gastric sleeve. A fairly rapid loss isn’t uncommon, sometimes up to 60% of excess body weight can be expected to be shed. The surgeon can go over safe ways to manage different aspects of life following a sleeve with each patient. Depending on individual circumstance, other concerns may show improvement following weight loss as well, including a lowered risk for stroke. The primary goal of the best sleeve surgeon in Los Angeles is to guide patients as they achieve positive health.