Best Weight Loss Clinic in Los Angeles


It’s estimated that more than 150 million Americans are obese or overweight. This includes nearly three-quarters of men in the United States, approximately 60 percent of U.S. women, and about 30 percent of boys and girls under the age of twenty.

If you are in search of the best weight loss clinic in Los Angelesto deal with weight-related issues, realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for shedding unwanted pounds. However, what a good clinic can do is offer a broad range of services, information, and support.


Weight Loss Clinic Basics

The best weight loss clinic in Los Angeles is staffed by doctors, clinicians, and medical and support personnel prepared to offer assistance throughout various stages of the weight loss process. These individuals work together to offer the type of support that’s right for each patient. Many clinics offering weight control or reduction programs offer doctor-approved plans that include:

  • Healthy, sensible, and balanced diets with nutrient-rich foods
  • Patient-specific exercises that are easy to incorporate into a regular routine
  • Appropriate use of supplements to address nutritional deficiencies
  • A variety of medical procedures

Medical and Lifestyle Assessments

The best weight loss clinic in Los Angeles isn’t one where you can just go to get some pills and leave. This type of weight loss is often short-term and unsafe. What a reputable clinic will do is get your complete medical history to determine what specific weight-related problems need to be addressed with your treatment plan. You may also be asked about previous attempts at losing weight and your general eating, lifestyle, and exercise habits.

Behavioral-Based Treatments

The goal with this approach to treatment is to help you develop habits and techniques you can incorporate into your daily life to achieve and maintain results. If you are a stress eater, for instance, your program may include ways to effectively deal or avoid stress. This could include meditation or controlled breathing techniques. Behavioral or lifestyle aspects of treatment might include:

  • Instruction on how to make healthy eating choices
  • Low-impact exercises that can be gradually increased in intensity as progress is made (e.g., casual walking or jogging, swimming or water-based exercises, or low-impact aerobic classes)
  • Advice on how to make healthy eating decisions in social situations
  • Guidance on how to track calories

Progress Tracking

Another way to tell if you’ve found the best weight loss clinic in Los Angele is to see how they measure and track progress. Clinics offering supervised weight loss and lifestyle management programs often use metabolism and body composition to determine how much progress is being made between visits. These tend to be more reliable indicators than simply going by how many pounds are lost.

Ultimately, the best weight loss clinic in Los Angeles will be one that bases recommendations on your individual needs and goals. If you’re not eligible for surgical weight loss but you have a BMI of 30 or less, you may benefit from a personalized program. However, if you’ve reached a point where you are considering surgery and you are an ideal candidate for this option, weight loss clinic programs may help you make positive diet and exercise changes in advance of your scheduled procedure.