Your Closet After Weight Loss Surgery


Your Closet After Weight Loss Surgery

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Weight loss surgery is effective. Depending on the procedure chosen, the patient can lose 50 to 70 percent of their excess weight (although results do vary). Losing all that weight would improve the patient’s health significantly and very likely prolong their life. It also means they will go through several clothing sizes.

Sort Through Old Clothes First

Many heavy people cling to old clothes that no longer fit them in the hopes of one day being able to wear them again. If that’s the case, you may already have clothes of the needed smaller sizes. Sort everything you have by size and take note of what you have. Throw out or give away anything that’s already too large; you won’t need it ever again. Try on anything that’s your current size and the next size down. If you currently wear a size 20, you may find some size 18s that also fit.

Get Transitional Clothing

Losing a lot of weight means going through lots of clothing sizes. A woman who loses 80 pounds, for example, might go from size 22 to size 8. Simply losing 10 pounds will cause someone to drop a size – and most people do not have the money to replace all their clothes when they do that. You therefore will need clothing you can wear for several sizes. Drawstring pants, for example, are a good option. So are pants with elastic waistbands. Belts can help you hold your loosening pants. A-line skirts won’t look as baggy or obviously too large as pencil skirts would. Knits adapt better than other materials to changing sizes and will therefore look flattering for a longer time.

Other Considerations

Successful weight loss is something that should be celebrated, and your clothes should reflect that. Try new styles and colors you once believed you could not wear. Avoid loose clothing that covers up your new shape. Buy some nice new shoes, for extreme weight loss can reduce your shoe size as well. Try on everything; you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can now wear.